a Superior Energy Services Company

Health, Safety & Environment

Complete’s commitment to safety and environmental responsibility is evident in every part of our operations, from the wellsite to the open road and everywhere in between.

Safety is an integral part of our company culture, and our approach to working safely begins with the understanding that our people are the backbone of the services we provide. Their safety and well-being is our first priority, and each team member receives valuable and significant training to help them work safely, watch out for the safety of others and recognize hazards present at a jobsite.

To support our mission and culture, Complete’s HSE philosophy includes:

  • The understanding that Complete’s employees are integral to our operations and their safety is our top priority;
  • Recognition by each team member that safety and environmental stewardship is a personal responsibility and that nothing we do is so important that it cannot be done safely;
  • The acknowledgement that all accidents are preventable and the understanding that each employee can exercise his or her Stop Work Authority any time they notice hazards or unsafe work conditions, and;
  • Keeping the lines of communication open at all times with regard to safety and environmental procedures so that we continually improve our performance.

As part of our HSE mission, Complete provides an expansive training program to teach and enhance working practices both on and off the job. These training initiatives include SafeLand USA, Medic First Aid & CPR, and defensive and decision-based driver education. In addition, employees also participate in a driver mentoring program where newer employees can learn from more experienced members of the team.

The GPS technology installed in our fleet of trucks and transports provides in-cab mentoring and monitoring of our drivers to ensure your projects are being completed on time and safely and that every aspect of our operations is being conducted as professionally and responsibly as possible.