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Turner Energy Services

ph: 806.323.8301
111 S. Airport Road
Canadian, TX 79014

With its basin-specific expertise and varied fleet of equipment, Turner Energy Services has provided its comprehensive fluid management services in the Texas Panhandle region for more than three decades.

Now with seven locations strategically positioned to offer oil & gas producers the most efficient, around-the-clock service, Turner Energy Services’ capabilities span the lifecycle of the well. The company’s service line includes:

  • Hauling fresh water to the drilling site
  • Produced water hauling and disposal at one of 18 saltwater disposal wells located throughout the Panhandle
  • Frac tank hauling and rental
  • Kill trucks and winch trucks for support of frac tank hauls
  • Hauling of liquid and sacked KCL, packer fluid, surfactants, clay stabilizers, corrosion inhibitors, Biocide and asphalt blend oil, and
  • DOT-certified bobtails for pulling drips from pipelines

Turner Energy prides itself on its ability to respond to customer needs quickly, dispatching equipment and personnel to locations throughout the Palo Duro and Anadarko Basins with a focus on safety and execution. The company’s ongoing commitment to safe work practices and protection of the environment continue to make it one of the leading providers of fluid management services in the region.

Texas – Borger, Pampa, Perryton, Canadian, Briscoe, Wheeler and Miami

Danny Armstrong, Vice President